Sorry everybody, but it is that time again…Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 1.

Down a game...three to go

For those of you who don’t check out this site too often, and are not fans of the NHL, it should be known that you will all have to bear with me for the next two months as the Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun, and the only thing I like more than the New Orleans Saints is NHL hockey…and one of my favorite things to do during the chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup is to root on the San Jose Sharks and to hate on the Chicago Blackhawks…

Hey, we all have our hobbies…

So, last years playoffs were really bad for me. Not only did the Blackhawks beat the Sharks, but they actually won the whole damn thing. Kind of kept the universe in balance so to speak considering the Saints won the Super Bowl…but it was still, very bitter.

So tonight, we pause to laugh as the Vancouver Canucks beat the Blackhawks two-to-nothing in game one, of round one…so, so very good.

The Canucks lead the series 1-0.

Game two is Friday night.

Have a nice day.

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