Sen. David Vitter…”Let them eat empty rhetoric”

David Vitter: Electricity, Food, Birth Control, Water, Prostitutes...these are not human rights, these are articles of privilege.

The federal budget must be reduced solely by spending cuts, so says David Vitter…

The Washington Post then reported the results of a poll which found 69% of Democrats and 54% of Republicans say they would support a plan to raise taxes for those earning more than $250,000 a year, if the proceeds go towards deficit reduction.

To which David replied, “With all due respect to the Washington Post, I’ve been listening to Louisianans all this week at town hall meetings throughout the state…and they are absolutely focused on Washington’s spending problem.”

To which Drake Toulouse replied, “With all due respect to David Vitter, I too have been listening to Louisianans all this past week at town hall meetings throughout the state…and they are absolutely focused on Washington’s tax cuts to the wealthy problem.”

Okay, now those can’t both be true. I know, I’m not a senator or anything, but it would appear they are diametrically opposed, so how could this be?

Perhaps, it’s because Mr. Vitter was surrounded by Republicans at his town hall meetings, his core group of supporters, you know, god-fearing, forgiveness-asking, kickers of the poor and middle class with an inability to answer questions by the press…the “I got mine, screw the rest” crowd.

Whereas at my town hall meetings, I was surrounded by anarchists, who tend to be my core group of supporters, you know, atheists who believe in toleration, helping each other out and equality.

Point is, David…if I go to Angola and take a poll of inmates to see how many people in the state of Louisiana support prison reform, chances are my polling data will be quite skewed, just like asking a bunch of Republicans serious enough about their conservative politics to go listen to you speak, on purpose, how they feel about making poor people pay more so rich people can have better cars, bigger homes, more Viagra and fuller (costume) balls…

Especially if you tell them it will hurt small business and people who donate the most money to your campaign.

Especially if you tell them a tax increase on people  making over $250,000 a year would mean more gays, more abortions and fewer jobs…why, I might even have heard that tax increases make God angry because to him, it’s the same thing as a war on Christmas, the ten commandments, and the factories that produce communion wafers and cheap wine.

David, please, stop being such a politician and try to think back to when you were a human being, maybe as a kid…ever know anyone who couldn’t afford their heating bill, their house mortgage or better yet, rent? How about people who couldn’t find a job and didn’t have family or savings to fall back on…or what about…

Okay, I know…I’ll stop, it’s not like he’s listening…it’s just so aggravating when politicians use empty rhetoric in attempts to prove a point.

It’s like when John Boehner says about spending cuts, we’ve been asking the people to tighten their belts, and it’s about time we make the same demands of the government. Yeah, that sounds pretty good, except that when the government tightens its belt, this means the middle and lower class will have to cinch theirs even tighter because they are the people who benefit, make ends meet with the the social programs the Republicans are so keen on cutting. It’s not like governmental belt tightening means the wealthy will be asked to give back their tax breaks.

Empty rhetoric…empty logic…and politicians who count on their electorates to not look past catchy bumper sticker slogans.

Perhaps at my next anarchist meeting, I’ll take a new poll, one that asks, “How many people think the uber-wealthy and their political support groups should build their castle walls a little higher?”

Or maybe:

“How long do you think the financially desperate are going to be okay with looking across their empty kitchen tables at hungry kids before they start to make the Democrats and Republicans really uncomfortable for giving away their futures to the wealthy?”

I’m guessing at my meetings, the percentages will be a long way from siding with all things Vitter.

Have a nice day.

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