Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 6

Game 6 tonight and the Blackhawks won it in overtime, beating the Vancouver Canucks to tie their series 3-3. Even I, at this point, have to look upon the effort of the entire Chicago team with an air of respect and…no, no I don’t. This is a travesty, a tragedy, this is the biggest emotional setup of all time! Vancouver goes up three games to nothing, and they don’t even bother leaving their hotel for game four and five. Sure, they show up for game six but they manage to lose, again!

I am seriously, unhappy about this. And yes, the Blackhawks still suck.

But Chris Paul looked pretty good, and I don’t even like basketball…uh, go Hornets?!

Game 7 is Tuesday night…and I’m really dreading looking forward to it.

Have a nice day.

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