6 thoughts on “Brown shrimp season starts with a whimper…

  1. Update on my claim:

    About 12 days after I brought info they requested to my local office the supervisor of the “Small Business Team” (at the local office) called to ask if I could bring it again, as the Ohio office did not upload it yet so he figured they lost it. I stopped what I was doing and once again got it to them within a couple of hours. He said it would be mailed overnite again to Ohio.

    Well, finally this Saturday I checked my status online and found a determination letter. Bottom line: no interim payment and they “offer” $25k. Here is how they screwed me.

    (Examples, not my actual figures)

    They determined that my business had lost $100,000 revenue because of the oil spill in 2010. BUT they use Loss of Income (LOI) percentage of 35%. So they adjust my loss of $100K to 35K. $35K x 2 years = $70K. $70K – $60K (my Advanced Emergency Payment)
    = 10K. So they calculate that they only owe me 10K, but will offer me the $25K quick pay amount.

    Yeah, they figured that because of the spill I lost $100K in business but saved $65K in expenses! Total BS but I knew they would do what ever they had to to get to the $25K amount. Right now I have placed 2 calls to ask how they arrived at the LOI percentage of 35%, but only an accountant can tell me so I have to wait for a return call.

    Meanwhile my friend with the business claim that went into dispute came back, of course, using the exact same wrong figures and the offer is still $25k. They basically told him to use his right to sue if he is not happy with the offer.

    The whole LOI thing should not even be used. Many cases money “saved” last year was not saved, just not spent yet. Like equipment that I should have repaired last year, but could not afford to do, so this year it has to be replaced instead of repaired. Or experienced workers that had to move on to find work, now this year new ones must be trained, or cheaper prices form vendors when I’m buying a lot of material, but now I’m back to the higher prices since volume of buying is way down.

    Every dollar that the BP spill stopped from coming into my business should be paid by them, not 35 cents on the dollar. BP making it right – for BP shareholders, not the Gulf.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about this…but you are not alone…from e-mail I’ve received and comments on this blog it would appear that as soon as the anniversary came and went, the GCCF is keeping as many as possible to the quick pay thresholds, regardless of interim or final claim. The heat is off now, and they are running rampant over the futures of the Gulf…

      Do you think you’ll wind up suing?


      1. I’m not sure yet. At this point I know that is the route I should take If I want to get any kind of real settlement. I do hate the thought of involving an attorney, as they may get me a larger percentage, but also they will take a perecntage – and after how much itme.

        I won’t file with the Coast Guard as the outcome will be the same as with the GCCF. I don’t think I will bother to file another interim claim because they will still just offer 35% of my loss. I want this whole process to be over but not at my expense.

        At some point this week a GCCF accountant should return my call (yeah, right) as they said 24-72 hours. All I expext to hear from them is some evil-speak as to how they arrived at the 35% LOI.

        After that I’ll just take a week or so to not even think about the GCCF or BP. Then I think I’ll have to contact an attorney and find out how dragged out the prosess will be. Feinberg is really a master at what he does. And there is no stopping him, except for one person in the White House, who refuses to do anything to make BP or GCCF “make it right.” BP owes somebody big time.

      2. I am curious as to how they came up with that 35% LOI, and yeah, I get the whole needing a break from the GCCF. Earlier this month, I took a couple of weeks off for the most part, burned out by the whole thing and I don’t even have a claim.

        I wish you well, and a good rest from the mess…”Making it right…” has become such the cruel joke…


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