2 thoughts on “Did you ever get the feeling…

  1. Yeah! Like when we first tried to score a Nickle bag of Weed in Jr High. We’d pull up to the projects, hand the brother our money, he’d disappear in the front door and… we’d wait… and we’d wait… and other brothers start paying attention to us, maybe starting to laugh… and we’d wait… and wait… and wait… until “that feeling” had us totally by the balls.

    This feeling happened a lot, I’m told, to people dealing with post-Federal Flood rebuilding.

    Feinboig has played this in spades and his name will live long in the history of this fetid business.
    For us however, his name will live in infamy.
    I wonder who’alls editing his Wikipedia page.

    1. You ever think that perhaps they should have, rather than grabbing a New York attorney, grabbed someone from a Gulf Coast state who maybe had a basic understanding of the way things worked along the Gulf, rather than claim an understanding while he whitewashes away every error and scam?

      An old complaint perhaps, but no less relevant.


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