Another Curious Obama Headline…

Really, not making it up at all: Obama Delivers Impassioned Defense of the Labor Movement

And hey, sounds pretty good, until you remember that, well…this speech was given in front of Union People in Detroit on Labor Day.

Whereas on Debt Deal Day, in front of the Nation, he was all about giving all the money to all who were much more wealthy than laborers…not that I’m saying he’s a conniving politician/liar…oh wait, yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Ask the citizens of Wisconsin and Ohio, you know, when their governors were destroying unions and Presidential Obama was forgetting about his shoes, and the promises of Campaign Obama.

Perhaps it’s time to formulate the new narrative, one that no longer involves politicians and keeps its focus on protecting family, especially when one considers family is your entire community, your country… America.

But, more to come on that in the future…

I crushed up ergot and made it a paste. I spread it on the dollar bills.
Everyone who touched it caught the disease for luscious bits of landfill.

It sparked an epidemic of self hate. They wanted it so bad they could kill.
Everyone believing everything ain’t enough, trampling bodies on the tread mill.

Makin’ money, all things shiny
(If you don’t spend it, you are spent)

Bullet into gun, barrel lips pout, finger in the ring, money into mouth

The first letter in Sydney is a dollar sign. The first symbol in London is a pound.
The life ain’t yours ’til you fuck it away. The dream ain’t yours until it’s burned to the ground.
The city of beauty is built on the dead, temple of wealth is built on the poor,
Spend life just passing away ’til you get up off your belly and crawl.

You are allowed to burn books, hope can rot. Dreams go up in flames, that’s ok.
We’ll turn a blind eye if you burn a poor man but if you burn your money…

You’re going to pay.

Anger is a currency, acidically mad, hatred is the new economy.

I am the inspiration of every wicked woman, viciously corrupt, greed is monogamy.
All power, all truth, all knowing, all destroying, all dying… not caring

Have a nice day.

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