Uh, did somebody say the Saints?!

Yeah, that one...

Though I grew up in Green Bay Packer territory, grew up watching the likes of Lynn Dickey, Don Majkowski and early Brett Farve…to this day, there’s only been one authentic football jersey I’ve ever owned and it was the New Orleans Saints, Pat Swilling #56.

Jersey’s long gone by now, but not a loyalty to a team that’s come to define something much more than just a sports franchise to so many. I won’t pretend to fill in said definitions for others, but I will say that when the Saints played that first game back in the Superdome, I was living in San Francisco at the time, watching and having a helluva good time. Believe I imbibed a beverage or several as well that Monday night…

So here’s to the first game of the season on a triumphant campaign…oh, and in my current living situation, I find myself almost entirely surrounded by Packer fans so please, I really want to make them pay for the next several weeks.

I want bragging rights.

Hell yeah, the New Orleans Saints!

And FYI…for excellent Saints coverage, if not familiar as of yet, please check into the wonderfully stylized and informative writings of one Grandmaster Wang at moosedenied…

Have a nice day everybody and enjoy the game!

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