Monday afternoon in Chicago, Occupied…

A fine, disenfranchised day...

Excuse me, Jeff?

Mr. Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric?

Yes, you…come over here, just for a quick second…K, thanks…

Recently, you said the following: “I want you to root for me. Look, every one in Germany roots for Siemens, everyone in Japan roots for Toshiba, everyone in China roots for China South Rail, I want you to say, win GE.”

Okay, the reason nobody wants to “root for you” and your company, General Electric, is that you continue to export jobs overseas, your company made $145.2 billion dollars last year and you paid no taxes.

None. No taxes…


All while the country’s going broke and you and your executive buddies made millions upon millions of dollars in salary and bonuses, and all while the economic inequality in this country is at its worst since the Great Depression.

The government gave you $5 billion dollars in subsidies for chrissakes, while also cutting energy assistance for the poor amongst other austerity measures, you know, because the government had to tighten it’s belts.

That’s why we’re not rooting for you, instead we’re involving ourselves in demonstrations such as the one taking place in the photo above…

Jeff, the way you and your company does business?

It’s a large part of the problem.


Have a nice day.

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