Saints vs. Tampa Bay and…uh, my grandparents?

You get to Tiki, through Ronde...

Editor’s note: Okay, that was a big pile of suck-ass, but not something anyone didn’t see coming. When I hear announcers on ESPN calling the Saints the second best team in the NFL, I love it, absolutely love it…but…how many times you going to win on a last minute drive? Well, not every…not this week…and that’s when the status comes into question…oh, and did I mention:


So this week, the Saints go to Florida, to Tampa, where they play the Buccaneers and I swear to God, whenever I hear about this place, this Tampa…this Tampa Bay, it makes me so damned, uh, it…actually, I got nothing against Tampa Bay. Kind of like it, some good memories and such. My grandparents used to live in Tampa and I was fortunate as a youth to twice go to Tampa and see them, play in the Gulf, go to Busch Gardens and see the giraffes. For some reason I always remember the giraffes from that place and one time we went to this restaurant where, for the first time, I had frog legs. Go figure, I like frog legs, plus my grandfather, despite the faults I grew to recognize as I got older, was one of the better people I’ve ever known…hell, I’m wearing his ring right now. He was a train conductor, an artist and a good man, a baseball and hockey player and I remember he used to play this ukelele. I can still hear him singing, badly…oh, and he taught me to shoot pool, something that has come in quite handy over the years…

But wait, the Buccaneers, yeah, the Saints are going to kill ’em and I hate the Buc…

No I don’t, not really, and no wait, I know…does Ronde Barber still play for them?

Hang on..let me check…

He does!

Okay, now we’re on to something…the Saints gotta destroy the Buccaneers to spite…no, not Ronde…but his brother, Tiki!

Yeah, screw Tiki Barber, that rotten son of a bitch!

This asshole retires from the Giants and then goes on to criticize Eli Manning, calling him an ineffective leader and then…wait for it…Eli leads the Giants to a Super Bowl win! Ha! Oh, and Tiki also leaves his wife for an NBC intern because someone is obviously having a mid-life crisis and then to further prove that point, decides to un-retire, only to find out there aren’t any interested NFL teams…and he just can’t understand why…

Pick me! I know why!

How about because you’re an immature egomaniac and total locker room poison, you ass.

Hell, if my grandfather hated anyone, (which he never did far as I know), he’d hate Tiki Barber…so, okay then…

The Saints gotta win this game for the city of New Orleans, and because it will cause discomfort for Tiki Barber to see Ronde lose…and tell you what, why not win this one for my grandfather too. He was a good man, a much better man than I…unlike him, I hate all kinds of people.

Enjoy the game.

Go Saints!

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