Saints vs. the Ghost of Mike Nolan…

Not the 49ers quarterback...

Ed update… I’m really not happy with Greg Williams…and Roby back on a return? WTF?

Having lived in both New Orleans and San Francisco, and having plans to move to San Francisco in eleven weeks, one might think I might be a bit conflicted about the playoff game today between the Saints and the 49ers…

One might be wrong.

Yes, I love the City by the Bay, it’s one of the more interesting places I’ve ever been, both as a social worker and writer…but when it comes to the 49ers…nahhhh. One of my favorite memories from that team was the 2005 draft when Mike Nolan, the then 49ers coach stunned the whole damned city by choosing Alex Smith with the #1 pick that year. You see, Mike was a bit of an egomaniac, along with being a rather shitty coach and he apparently felt he might have a personality conflict with the quarterback the entire city wanted him to draft, the quarterback from the California Golden Bears.

And Mike Nolan certainly didn’t want a personality conflict on his team, so he took Alex Smith instead of Aaron Rodgers.

Yeah, it turned out well.

To this day…there are people in San Francisco who still complain about the idiocy of that pick, and rightfully so, but as a fan of the Saints, I had no problem with it whatsoever and still don’t. Thanks Mike…may your ghost still grimly stumble about Candlestick to be spit on by angry San Franciscans, well…at least until the 49ers move to Santa Clara in a couple of years and become one of those teams that identify with their city by name only, kind of like the West Coast version of the New Jersey York Jets…

The New Orleans Saints…staying true to their fans and true to their city, and the team who had a head coach smart enough to take the right quarterback…

Enjoy the game everybody…

Who Dat!

Not the 49ers quarterback either...

 Go Saints!

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  1. Alex Smith says:


    1. Fair enough…LOL


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