A little personal indulgence today…

So, about five years or so ago, I’m walking up Van Ness Ave in San Francisco a few blocks from my apartment and I come across this line for a show at the Regency Ballroom, stretched round the block, and I was fascinated by the mix of people – you had punks and metal types, hippie wannabes, hipsters and rap stars.

I crossed the street to find out who was playing, and I was told, “Mindless Self Indulgence.”

I’d never heard of them, but I went home and went online to find out who they were, and despite the fact they can be just about as offensive lyrically as it can get, I was hooked.

The show was sold out that night, I checked, and disappointed, I’ve been waiting for them to tour ever since…

And now, that wait’s come to an end.

Got my tickets…


Mindless Self Indulgence – Clarissa

See you tomorrow and have a nice day…


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