A Rogues Gallery in Oil, but Then a Leader Emerges…Kindra Arnesen

British Petroleum Gulf Oil Catastrophe Explosion Catastrophuk

Let’s review, shall we?

Thad Allen:

National Incident Commander of the Unified Command for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill…or as I like to call it, The British Petroleum Gulf Oil Explosion Catastrophe. Since the beginning, he has claimed he is in charge but in truth merely serves as BP’s errand boy. He colludes with BP and the government to keep the oil estimates low and to prevent impartial scientists from looking at the data. At one time he claimed they had no footage of the oil gushing from the riser when in fact, they did. Essentially, he’s been helping British Petroleum in damage control while pretending he is in charge, or in other words, he’s a class A jerk-off.

Barack Obama:

President of the United States of America…he took a vacation as the spill grew to epic proportions, gave speeches, talked to the Yankee’s and otherwise had a good ol’ time, until they realized just how bad this thing was getting and then he put down “My Pet Goat” and decided to do something, unlike reforming the MMS, as he promised he would. He talks tough to Tony Hayward without actually talking to Tony Hayward and gave a mediocre speech to the nation where he promised a commission to study the best way to rebuild the wetlands, essentially guaranteeing nothing but a study, which they will then ignore once the media hub-bub dies down. Meanwhile, he is in process of permitting more deepwater drilling in the Arctic Ocean to British Petroleum, among others, who it should be noted donated a fat check to his election campaign. The audacity of hope(lessness) runs strong in this one, young Skywalker.

Ken Salazar:

The current United States Secretary of Interior…the man, the legend in charge of reforming the Mineral Managements Services who for a year, did absolutely nothing except rubber stamp approvals for deep sea drilling including the Deepwater Horizon. The application for the well was not reviewed, as it contained erroneous links to a dead scientist as a resource if an emergency struck. The application did not contain an adequate safety plan or emergency response plan…duh. He has long been known as a good friend of big oil and someone who never knew a well he didn’t like. He continues to grant BP approvals of new wells despite over 700 safety infractions that have led to worker death and environmental destruction (and this isn’t including the Deepwater Horizon.) Obama referred to him as his good friend, though it is not clear whether Obama has ever told him he is doing a heckuva job.

Tony Hayward:

Kill yourself, now. Really, end it all, please. Get on your nice sailboat, sail it into the gulf and light a fucking match you lying son of a bitch who has been in charge of a company responsible for the deaths of so many and has led this whole clean-up as just one big Public Relations damage control stunt from beginning to end, all the while letting the oil spill get worse and worse..so please, kill yourself. Pictures of oil covered water, beaches and wildlife don’t make BP look good. Workers wearing respirators, despite keeping them safe, don’t look good. Information is construed as generally bad so you spend far more time controlling the information than you do the catastrophe you helped create…and then you go to congress and spend an hour and a half saying, you didn’t know. Die. Kill yourself. It truly is the only chance at honor you have left.

Now. Right now. Kill yourself now.

Doug Suttles:

BP America’s Chief Operating Officer…recently in the news as saying they did everything they could do to stop the gusher, except for letting top scientists in to study and offer suggestion, except for being honest with the American people…ever, except for giving false flow rates which affected the amount of resources they brought in to combat the spill, except for proper safety gear for workers, resulting in workers not want to clean up the oil, except for turning down offers from foreign companies to help in the clean-up with skimmers, manpower and other resources, except for using Corexit which is banned in Europe and the EPA says is too toxic (boy, but it sure does decrease the amount of oil on the surface) and except for BP’s continued denial, no matter what the impartial scientists say, that the oil plumes don’t exist…and now, now this son of a bitch goes on to say that the flow rate is irrelevant and impossible to know and don’t forget those oil plumes…hold on now, why might he do that? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that fines levied against oil spills are calculated by the amount of oil released, but then again I suppose this is just me being cynical.

Joe Barton:

6th District Congressman from Texas…he apologized to BP for having to set up a 20 billion dollar fund to pay reparations, calling it extortion. At the hearing that was held to castigate BP exec’s (for show, I might add, I challenge any person in govt. to bring charges against anyone, like they deserve) he apologized to Tony Hayward and appeared to be quite pleased with himself for doing so, that is, until his own GOP brethren did a what the fuck and told him to apologize…which he soon did, thus showing is he not only some incompetent misguided jack-ass in the oil company’s pocket…he’s spineless as well.

Bobby Jindal:

Governor of Louisiana…what? Yes, even he now finds his place in the rogue’s gallery. I had been pleasantly surprised by his passion, his anger, his calls for help, his blaming the federal government for not doing enough, and not doing what they did do fast enough. I listened. I cheered. I was impressed and I said to many, I never thought I could find a reason to like Bobby Jindal, but I’m impressed with what he’s doing. The whole sand berm idea, despite the fact that it will take too long to be effective, I admired that even when the feds said no, he said he would do it anyway. Bobby, Bobby…you had me at hello and then…then, you blew it all. Telling CBS news you didn’t get the troops you asked for to help clean up the spill, saying you asked for 8000 and only got 1000, only to be shown how you had the 8000 all along and had only deployed the thousand while the other seven sat idly by, twiddling their thumbs. And then you denied it. And then you admitted it. Bobby…say it ain’t so Bobby…we all know you’re going to run for president next time around, but playing politics with the oil spill like some fucking hack from CNN, MSNBC or Fox News?


So I sit, and so I wonder…how screwed is the entire Gulf. These are the leaders of this thing. These are the people in charge…and once again, profit and damage control and politics take center stage, take the only stage while way in the back, in the shadows sit generations of fisherman losing it all, sit the entire coast with nobody paying attention, without a spotlight…hell, without even a lighter to say hey, what about me?

Truly screwed…and then a citizen rises up, same way it always happens. The leaders cover their ass and the people with nothing left to lose speak the truth and make demands and hopefully, force change with the simple power held in honest words..the kind of words that everyone above forgot the moment they tasted power, the moment the election was over, the moment they get all the hookers in their bed…

Kindra Arnesen:

Here is that citizen, of Venice, Louisiana and her words are powerful as all hell. She has the information, obtained when BP erroneously gave her an inside pass to the whole show…and then she decided to talk. Amazing, simply amazing…if I could, I’d buy her dinner and simply say, “Thank you…”

The video clip is longer, but it is worth it…Enjoy…

This is what a leader really sounds like.

Have a nice day

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