What’s the Problem Gov’nuhs?

Dead Sea Turtle on Louisiana Coast

Somebody is lying…either Bobby Jindal or Barack Obama. In either case there appears to be 7000 National Guard troops in Louisiana who are not being used; they’re just sitting idly by.

If you’re a Democrat my guess is you might say it’s Bobby Jindal playing politics.

If you’re a Republican, you would probably say Obama is lying about the resources available, again.

But if you love Louisiana and give a damn about the people and wildlife there…I might say would you goddamned people get over yourselves and do everything possible to mute the damage being done here?

Gulf Coast Governors Leaving National Guard Idle

Barack…don’t care about you…you’ve done very little but disappoint since elected and I didn’t even vote for ya’.

Jindal…you start your presidential campaign yesterday, relax…you won’t win, if you haven’t realized this yet, the unfortunate truth is that most of this country don’t care enough about your state…and you’re public speaking man, it is really painful to watch.

The rest of you governors down there who aren’t deploying because how it might look to tourists…Deploy! Much of the country is watching this with at least a passing interest and they know it looks really, really bad because as much as BP is trying to control any and all information, enough is trickling out to show this is a cluster-fuck beyond all imaginable proportions. So stop with the image thing…it’s sullied, get over it…and besides do you think tourists would rather see ya on TV going “Hey, nothing to see here!” or “There’s a problem, but we’re fixing it…” as your back dropped by people busily cleaning the beaches…

Deploy…or you are nothing better than BP doing public relations first, clean-up third or fourth…

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