So Yeah…Louisiana Cops are Working for BP…

Badge, a Gun and BP...the Unforgiven

Apparently, the police in Louisiana can wear their uniforms off duty…so when they work security for British Petroleum and order photographers and other people off the beaches, and they are in uniform it sure makes for some crazy conflicts and also a whole lotta misleadin’…

Long story short, those sons of bitches at BP are still keeping the press out, still interfering in the information and still wasting a lot of time…

Is this company one of the four horseman?

And if they are…did Jindal’s prayer day, instead of helping to seal the well, did he accidentally just do more to spur on Armageddon?

Read this great story…

Oil Spill Media Access

Now, tomorrow…I promise…cross my heart and hope to die…I will tell a happy story…good lord, between my job, my writing and this…how much can one human being actually take?

Have a nicer day…

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