Yes, thank you…Dispersants are about BP liability, not Gulf protection

So it finally gets to the mainstream news…well about time.

Check out this conversation between Anderson Cooper and Fred McCallister, where Fred discusses trying to get skimmers to the Gulf for over a month. BP isn’t helping, they don’t want skimmers, why? Dispersants submerge the oil, limit liability by hiding the size and spreading the costs of cleanup over time. The safest way to remove oil? Take it off the surface and get rid of it…but with dispersants, this can cause the oil and residue to be be rolling around the Gulf for the next twenty years, not to mention that other damage the chemicals in Corexit is causing.

BP, once again…screwing the gulf for the protection of their company and stockholders at the expense of the people.

The United States Government, once again…allowing it to happen, by continuing to let BP run this show…

Use of Dispersants Questioned, Allegations that They Hide Size of Spill

Bastards all…When BP was invited to come on Cooper’s show and defend themselves, they of course declined, referring everyone to their Youtube Page…

Have a nice day.

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