BP clean-up, dumping sand on the oil

if you can't see it, does it exist?

So it would appear from the video in the first link and the photos in the second that rather than cleaning the beaches where the oil has arrived, it has been easier for BP to just dredge up sand in one location and then dump it on top of the oil in another. I find it especially amusing that in the first link, the very security guards that BP had hired to run reporters and photographers off the beach actually said of the clean-up crew, “Yeah, they just came here and dumped a bunch of sand on the beach.”

I gotta ask: How much longer is BP going to be allowed to operate in this way?

There are multiple reports of countries trying to give BP the skimmers needed to clean up the oil, but they are being turned down while monstrous oil slicks out on the Gulf float untouched towards the shores of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. BP continues the excessive use of dispersants and the burning of oil on the water, which is much more dangerous to the environment than skimming. They continue attempts to control the press, trying to keep the information locked tight. They are burning sea turtles alive, it just goes on and on and on…and every time a new allegation arises, they have one thing in common: money. Dispersants submerge the oil making it difficult to count the amount of oil released, saving money in government fines and spreading the cost of clean up over years as this oil re-emerges, over years. Skimmed oil can be counted. Skimmed oil can be seen. Fines increase on the count of dead wildlife and the pictures of dead turtles, dolphins and whales…ugly.

And still, Obama lets this go on and on…the audacity of a ridiculous charlatan.

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