Recovery Effort Falls Vastly Short of BP Estimates…Shhh, bp is lying…didn’t hear it from me

Six months ago, they took me off the endangered list

The tired refrain continues:

British Petroleum is full of shit. It has been 78 days now since the Deepwater Horizon BP catastraphuk occurred and the lies keep coming, thick and sticky and suffocating. Face it…we’re all Brown Pelicans and this is BP’s show.

Before the well exploded and, let us not forget, killed 11 people, BP said in the case of a spill, they could skim almost 500,000 barrels of oil each day. So, according to these estimates, they’ve only managed to skim 60% of a days worth over a time span of seventy-seven days.

So, how many barrels a day are getting skimmed in the Gulf?

Try 900.

Yeah, that’s right…nine hundred barrels a day…People haven’t been this lied to since they spent three hundred dollars for a ticket to the 1st Kiss Farewell tour.

Read on and ask yourself…where are the skimmers?

Recovery Effort Falls Vastly Short of BP’s Promises

Have a nice day…

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