BP Punishes Fisherman Who Won’t Expose Themselves to Corexit Toxicity – Kindra Arnesen is Back!

From Project Gulf Impact:

Kindra Arnesen is back with this latest line of BP coercion…so get this, if the Fisherman in the Gulf Coast decide, for whatever reason (family, toxicity of Corexit, oil, no respirators) etc…British Petroleum  will call this an income source that they willfully decline, and then deduct possible earnings they could have made from any claims of reparation.

Hey Bob Dudley!

Yeah you…Mr. Public Relations Director for British Petroleum with all your concerned worry about the “little people” of BP, who are “quieter, more thoughtful now,” what ya want to tell these fisherman? What do you want to tell your “little people” about the way BP is treating these fisherman?

Hatred runs deep….

Have a nice freakin’ day!

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