BP dumping oil waste in Mississippi landfill, the 2nd spill…

Residents in Harrison County, Mississippi appear none too pleased to be the lucky ones to have their landfill chosen by British Petroleum as the location to dump their toxic oil-spill waste. The Pecan Grove landfill, operated by Waste Management Company cut the deal with BP, and despite the objections of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, BP ain’t listening…imagine that. There appears to be very little the residents can do about it as Waste Management Company answers to the state, not county officials.

“We don’t want it,” President of the Board of Supervisors Connie Rocko told CNN’s Randi Kaye. “It is valuable landfill space and hazardous to our citizens. Take your waste somewhere else or please find an alternative.”

150 tons of waste have made it to the landfill already in the form of oil scooped up off the beaches, protective suits, gloves, shovels and rakes…all tainted with the toxic mess of Corexit and oil.

The EPA has ordered BP to make their waste disposal plan transparent.

The EPA also once told BP to stop using Corexit.

The EPA for some reason believes BP is still listening, to anybody in regards to this oil spill and their handling of it.

Watch the video from WLOX news:

Then read the story:

Residents Outraged: BP Dumping Oily Waste in Gulf Landfills

Humid Beings: BP dumping oil well waste in Mississippi landfill

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