LA officials say BP may cut payments to 40,000

No, I have no idea how much a Louisiana fisherman makes, why?

What’s this?

You mean BP was lying when they said they will “make things right?”

No way, you can’t be serious.

Louisiana’s Department of Children and Family Services were never even formally told by BP payments were being reduced to 40,000 people; they discovered it when they were reviewing BP’s claim summary and noticed a significant cut in daily payments. British Petroleum are a bunch of lying cowards, case you didn’t know. So while they are quick to trumpet out the news that they are making significant progress on the capping system, they continue to drop these little bombs all over the Gulf. Little to them, but huge to the families who are currently depending on this relief money, lest we forget, because BP’s catastraphuk robbed them of their means of income.

You think Tony Hayward has had his salary cut? How about Bob Dudley? Thad Allen?

I suspect not.

Read the article in the Advocate:

LA official says BP may cut payments to 40000

Yeah, have a nice day.

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