Scientists feel same pressure to spin research under Obama, not really, okay..a little bit...progress...yeah, suppose it would depend on how you define it, you know, yeah...

“White House officials say the administration’s commitment to science has not wavered.”

Interesting quote from an article in the LA Times., considering what a complete line of crap this is. Remember back in the day, when GW Bush was president and we’d read article after article how federal scientists were pressured to align their research with what the Bush administration wanted as policy? Remember when truth was really a matter of definition? Yeah..thought those days were over didn’t you. I bet a lot of people thought that after Obama became president, when government officials ordered a study of a particular problem, they would read the results of said study and then tailor policy to the recommendations of those in the know. Oops, not quite. The days of setting policy first, then tailoring science to that policy continues.


In this article, read about how the Obama administration has changed very little and of particular interest, read how government scientists were and are alarmed about the use of dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico, but when said scientists asked for time to analyze data, to see  how dangerous their use would be, they were rebuffed. Read how the long range damage of these dispersants aren’t known, read about the suppression of efforts to implement clean water standards, toxicology studies, the continued downplay of the effects of grazing on federal land…

Perhaps that quote should have read, “White House officials say the administration’s commitment to science has not wavered, and the White House and Coast Guard are in charge of the cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico, the banking system has been reformed, the wars have all ended and we no longer spy on citizens in these here United States of America.”

Christ…just because you say it, ass…don’t make it true.

Read on:

Scientists Expected Obama Administration to be Friendlier

Have a nice day…

Or don’t, see if I give a goddamn…sorry…this article pissed me off…



Have a nice day.

I mean it.

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