BP executive “Absolutely would not eat” Gulf seafood.

Brown Pelicans? Well, only with eggs and some good ol' Louisiana oysters

BP’s Chief Operating Officer said today, when asked about charges seafood from the Gulf of Mexico isn’t safe, “I absolutely would not eat food from the Gulf. I understand the EPA says it is safe, but sincerely, this is America, who the hell trusts the EPA in America anymore, especially after 9-11…what? My family? If I’m not going to eat this toxic garbage I certainly wouldn’t feed it to my family.”

Umm, right.

Ridiculous article…

What the hell would you expect an exec from BP to say to such a question? Maybe…”Thank Christ these kind of questions pass for mainstream journalism in this country…if this were any publication in Europe besides the Telegraph, I’d be fu…be full of a grand breakfast of Lousiana shrimp!”

Read the article about Mr. Suttles confidence in the Gulf’s Crude and Corexit seafood sandwich…

BP executive ‘absolutely’ would eat Gulf seafood

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3 thoughts on “BP executive “Absolutely would not eat” Gulf seafood.

  1. This is why I call him Doug Unsubtles.
    Spawned a whole new word in my creative writing lexicon: “unsubtling”.
    These Men think they are winning, you can smell the hubris like death in a dead mans nose, shit between their toes and the molding of their pose.

    Glad to have you back, no pun intended. Think your ready now to move on to Vajra sex is a swimming pool? (shallow end of course:) That’s what a chiropractor told me to do once…in Boulder CO I admit so ok?

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