Headlines – Gulf Coast and Beyond…

Oil...what oil? Nothing to see here...just ask Commandante Dudley

Thank God for the Whistle-Blowers – Robert Scheer – Truthdig

Bated breath in Gulf ahead of oil well ‘kill’ operation – AFP

UC Berkeley’s BP Deal Tainted By Oil Spill: $500 Million Research Agreement At Stake – HuffingtonPost

BP ‘carpet bombed’ Gulf with chemical dispersants, says congressman – Al.com

BP scaling Back Cleanup Efforts After Pretending Oil is Disappearing in the Gulf – Video Cafe

The Founders’ Worst Nightmare – Firedoglake

BP Gulf Oil-Spill Fishing Waters Opened East of Mississippi River Despite Oil Just a Few Miles Away – Alexander Higgins Blog

Democrat-backed terror bill would ‘gut Miranda rights’ – Raw Story

California Storing DNA of Innocent People – Alternet

Man in body armor wounded in Tenderloin – SFGate – “Sigh, my old neighborhood”

Have a nice day.

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