A quick bet?

Shame? No, never heard of him


So, anyone out there want to place any odds on those relief wells? 

According to an article on NPR, the wells could have two possible uses. Yes, BP can pump mud and/or cement through them to permanently seal the Macondo well from the bottom, done, over, complete. Or, they can be used by BP and/or another company to extract the 4 billion dollars of crude oil that is suspected to still remain in the reservoir. 

Doug Suttles confirmed Friday that crews for now plan to use the 18,000-foot relief well to seal off with mud and cement the underground reservoir feeding the blown well. The company had been hedging on how exactly it would use the relief well, which it has been digging for three months, as federal officials insisted it should be used to perform the so-called “bottom kill.” 

That appears to leave some room for maneuvering while they wait for the cement from the static kill to dry now, doesn’t it? 

What about you Supreme Commander Thad? What do you think? 

Retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the government’s point man on the spill, said he had no information on BP’s future plans. “I would assume that’s a policy issue related to the management of the lease,” he told reporters. “Frankly, it hasn’t been raised to my level at this point. I’m not sure I can comment on it.” 

Now, Thad Allen has been maintaining all along the relief wells will be used to do a bottom kill, but we can’t exactly call his declarations reliable, can we? 

So…bet’s anyone? I might be willing to put a hundred dollars on British Petroleum’s hubris… 

Read the article, 

BP Says It Might Drill Again In Gulf Reservoir 

Have nice day.

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