“Because they want to cover their butts…” Meet Pheobe Jones

Via Florida Oil Spill Law

Meet Pheobe Jones: honest and direct, giving her opinion on the government’s rosy assessment of the oil spill. Wouldn’t it be nice if the feds had the frankness of Ms. Jones and perhaps, the credibility?

Jones: “If they’re doing so good why are all those people down here working? Why? Because they’re not done.”

CNN: “So you don’t believe what you’re being told?

Jones: “No, I don’t. I mean they sprayed all these dispersants and stuff and it made the oil sink, so of course the oil’s going to be off the top, cause it all sunk.”

CNN: Why would they be saying they’re making all this progress if it wasn’t true?”

Jones: “Because they want to cover their butts, they actually want to cover their butts. Because they know they got more problems ahead. Because when all these other people around here start getting sicker and sicker, they’ll see it.”


Have a nice day.

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