Having it Both Ways

So yeah, I told the oil to stay off the fish and get on the berms, and it did

Tired from watching last night’s game, but this is the kind of political hypocrisy that drives me crazy so I just gotta note:

When opening up the waters off the Louisiana coast for fishing, Bobby Jindal can’t find any oil.

When making the argument to finish his sand berms, Bobby Jindal and Garret Graves can not only find the oil, it’s everywhere and will be coming into the marshes for who knows how long. Do you know how much crude has been collected on the berms already? It doesn’t matter if they take months to complete, the government oil estimates are wrong…you know, Barack, that Democratic doofus…eh? There are over two million barrels still in the Gulf and we must have these berms, it’s crucial to the safety of Louisiana and hey, worst case scenario the fisherman can get out there with their poles and relax for the day, catch some fish, have a beer, work on their tan…but we must have berms…we must have them now! Please God! Now!

Did I mention the oil?

Read the article:

Barrier berm advocates not deterred by environmental regulators’ misgivings

Have a nice day.

3 thoughts on “Having it Both Ways

  1. I remember when Jindal was vetted as a potential candidate for VP or POTUS for the Republican Party. And then he made that dumbass comment about getting rid of Volcano research at USGS, because America doesn’t have any Volcanoes.


    As far as this goes, doing ye old flippity floppity about the oil. Nothing much surprises me now so much as it pisses me off. It’s insulting when someone like that assumes that the rest of Louisiana or the rest of America is as uneducated and short sighted as he is.

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