To my Friends in San Francisco…

This is what Drew Brees looks like right before he throws another touchdown pass...

So yeah, I lived in San Francisco for five years and I still have a few friends in that fine city who for some reason still follow the 49ers, and I am guessing that some of them even think that they have a chance against the Saints…uh, sorry…no, not a chance.

So to L.L., M.T., F.T., P.F., B.R., better luck next week…

And on another personal note…to Mr. CW Nevius of the San Francisco Chronicle: six years later and you are still making a name for yourself by being the self-proclaimed voice of “common sense” in San Francisco, speaking for corporations and developers by continuing to attack the homeless? Really? Don’t much care that you finally moved within the city limits…relocating across the Bay doesn’t diminish the entitled conceit held within your melodramatic prose.

Go kick a pit bull instead…the dog might bite a sense of new-found decency into your elitist, moneyed priorities.

Go Saints!

11:00 pm update:

Ok, so maybe a chance, but not quite enough. Nope, not quite enough at all. All the best to Reggie Bush…

Have a good night’s sleep.

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