Urgent: Call for a Moratorium On Demolitions in the LSU/VA Footprint

Make the call...

From Humid Beings, New Orleans Ladder and Save Charity Hospital

Repost from Save Charity Hospital website:

Given the continuing uncertainty surrounding the financing for the proposed University Medical Center (UMC) in Lower Mid-City, we ask you to call upon Mayor Landrieu and the New Orleans City Council to stop demolitions in the LSU/VA Hospitals Footprint:

Mayor Landrieu: (504) 658-4900   mayor@cityofno.com

Jackie Clarkson: (504) 658-1070   jbclarkson@cityofno.com

Arnie Fielkow: (504) 658-1060   afielkow@cityofno.com

Susan Guidry: (504) 658-1010   sgguidry@cityofno.com

Kristin Palmer: (504) 658-1030   kgpalmer@cityofno.com

Stacy Head: (504) 658 -1020   shead@cityofno.com

Cynthia Hedge-Morell: (504) 658-1040  chmorrell@cityofno.com

Jon Johnson: (504) 658-1050   jdjohnson@cityofno.com

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Urgent…Call for a Moratorium

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