In the Gulf: Commission Releases Information and I Don’t Feel Better

My fellow Americans, we were confused and mistaken...

The National Commission on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, in their released draft report, have found that members of Obama’s administration actively blocked the NOAA from releasing worst-case estimates of the amount of oil blowing out of the Macondo Well. The report also cited the infamous oil spill report which reported 75% of the oil was gone as creating a misleading impression to the American public.

You gotta go a long way to make people think fondly of the Bush Administration’s handling of past events, the difference between the two administrations being that Bushco – Inc. would have never let this report see the light of day. Ignorance is bliss? Just kidding…Obama at least, he’ll let the info come out after the fact, after the majority of the American people have long stopped paying attention, yet surprisingly enough before the mid-term elections.

Unfortunately, no matter when this kind of information comes out the result on our understanding of events is the same, and that effect is not the black and white of credibility this country needs in national tragedy, it is most certainly gray.

How are we supposed to trust the government to give us the truth in the Gulf of Mexico?

They misled us about the oil, so why should I, or anyone else believe they would tell me the truth now?

Why should I trust the safety of the seafood? Why should I think the beaches are safe? Why should I think it is okay to cut back the cleanup response, that BP will really be held responsible, that Jane Lubchenco of the NOAA isn’t a reincarnated Lee Harvey Oswald patsy? Why should I trust that people aren’t getting sick, that the air around the Gulf isn’t poisonous, that they have stopped spraying Corexit dispersant? Why should I believe government officials when they say fish kills aren’t connected to the spill, that the press still isn’t being kept out of the loop, that thousands of people all around the Gulf Coast don’t have to worry about about long term exposure to crude oil and the resulting potential of cancer?

In a nutshell, if you guys and gals said and/or implied that things were better than they were back then, how are we supposed to trust you in the future if/when things actually do improve?

Don’t misunderstand, I’m glad the commission released their information, we have a right to be informed about all of this, the good and the bad, the truth and their deceptions, but what the public needs now isn’t the truth from the commission, we need a mea-culpa from the guy in the oval office for our trust to begin rebuilding, and for the Obama administration to have a chance at better credibility in the future.

Will this happen?

ABC news reported yesterday, after the release of these findings two senior White House officials spoke with them and stated, that though they plead guilty, it was all an honest misunderstanding, “Nobody set out to ‘pull the wool over the country’s eyes,’ there was a point of confusion.”

That’s not quite the response I’d hoped for, no. So it would appear we’re stuck with the NOAA, British Petroleum and the Government giving us the status of the Gulf of Mexico. Nope, don’t feel better at all. Personally, I’m going to have to stick to the research results coming from University studies.

Far as I can tell, it’s the closest thing to the truth we got.

Read the article:

White House officials blocked early release of information on oil spill’s severity

Have a nice day.

2 thoughts on “In the Gulf: Commission Releases Information and I Don’t Feel Better

  1. I don’t know if you know the following but: Tomorrow on Oct 9 2010, in Orange Beach Florida there will be a Dispersant Exposure Health Forum at:
    Christian Life Church
    25550 Canal Road, Highway 180 East
    Orange Beach, Alabama from 6pm to 10 pm.

    And Oct 20 2010 in Tampa Florida there is a protest against use of Dispersant at a convention where NALCO will be a vendor.

    —as for your post, I believe that there is a Turf War going on, on the hill right now. I am not entirely sure who the good guys are yet. But it is clear that there is some kind of tug-o-war.

    Obama’s obvious ties to BP–one of his biggest contributors didn’t have to be the end of the world. But Rahm Emmanuelle staying rent free in DC on BP’s Dime–now that was no good. That most of Obama’s appointees seem to be neck deep in this keep pointing some pre-existing entanglement and ownership issues. But when the government kept trying to say there was no intention to coverup, well milk came out of my nose. 1. Intentional Blocking of the Press and Citizenry through the following measures: Hired Goons securing the beach with the authority vested in them by Homeland Security, the Coast Guard and Fish and Wildlife; 2. No fly zone over the Gulf; 3. Violations of fourth ammendment through illegal search for cameras, and their seizure, as well as scientific data and samples taken by independent scientists; 4. BP had the authority to block NOAA research vessels from entering US held waters {someone gave it to them, my guess Homeland Security}; 5. Mutilation of animal corpses which includes but is not limited to blowing whales up at sea, or processing them and other large animals under tents in tight security, and bagging and disposing of dead animals that precludes autopsy to determine cause of death which affects fine for BP liability; 6. Fines in excess of 10,000 threatened for Press agents, or 3 years in jail if they are caught near booms or interviewing cleanup workers; 7. Gag Rules for workers and Scientists via contract; 8. incomplete or nondisclosure of Corexit ingredients; 9. Foreign Mercs allowed to patrol American Soil so that USCG and Obama Admin can avoid the appearance of violating posse comitatus; 10. repeated findings that give irrefutable proof that Corexit is still being applied, daily through various slip ups by reps in press interviews.

    What in all that could possibly suggest that there is a coverup, and that it was intentional. Hmmmm, let me put my dunce cap on and ponder that a moment!

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