A Wisconsin Conversation…

With nary a tea party activist to be seen...

It goes something like this:

Her: I don’t even know why they’re protesting.

Me: Really?

Her: They’ve (public employee unions) had it good for a long time.

Me: So your solution to this is to make their benefits suck and remove collective bargaining like everybody else?

Her: No, that’s not what…

Me: Are you aware that 60% of businesses in the state of Wisconsin don’t pay taxes? There’s your deficit, Walker’s an ass.

Her: Who said that?’

Me: About businesses not paying taxes? The Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Her: Well, we need to keep businesses in Wisconsin.

Me: And balance the budget on the backs of people.

Her: Businesses create jobs.

Me: The state is losing jobs, they obviously suck at it.

Her: Without jobs, we’d all be in trouble. Walker’s not going to do anything to make jobs leave the state.

Me: So, the idea is to vote in whoever is going to kiss the ass of the corporations the most?

Her: No.

Me: That’s what it sounds like, it also sounds like you are okay with ceding majority power to corporations, rather than the government.

Her: That’s the way it is now.

Me: And you’re okay with that?

Her: Well, they create the jobs.

Me: But nobody has the opportunity to vote for corporations. They vote for state officials.

Her: Who work with the businesses.

Me: So the businesses run things then.

Her: Fine, the businesses run things.

Me: That’s not a democracy, that’s an oligarchy.

Her: I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

Have a nice day.

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