Pencils, not prayer…

Hmm, a Texan with mediocre intellect and a more-religious-than-thou, post-fraternity mentality. I don't know, it all seems so vaguely familiar...

Sometimes, events just write themselves, such as this article at Think Progress…highlighting the two events in Houston last Saturday.

At Reliant Stadium, Presidential wannabe Rick Perry and 30,000 others got together and prayed for the lord’s guidance in solving both the nation’s problems and Perry’s seeming inability to not wear a suit that doesn’t choke his neck til his head looks like a well coiffed pimple before bursting.

Meanwhile, at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center that same day, 100,000 people got together to get free backpacks and school supplies for their kids. They also received uniforms, haircut vouchers, immunizations, 20,000 boxed lunches and 25,000 three-pound bags of food.

Now word is, Perry wants to be President.

Reliant Stadium has a seating capacity of 70,000 plus and 30,000 showed up.

The Convention Center Back to School planners expected 25,000 and four times that showed up, so many they had to turn people away.

This might be what one calls the difference between public relations and fact: glitzy governors on big stages praying with people “who have lost hope,” versus the reality of the state, and the nation’s new priorities and the consequences thereof.

The people waiting in line that day for their kids, haven’t given up hope, they’re trying to hold on.

While Perry and his ilk, pray nobody pays attention as those same people have their futures looted by those seeking power, today.

Read the article:

Prayer rally dwarfed by Texans who flock to nearby convention center, desperate for free school supplies

Have a nice day.

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