The Scientists are on board in helping the Gulf, unfortunately, that boat ain’t allowed offshore

You...what do you want for lunch, fish? Crab? Oysters?

I live in a crazy world, really do….and that’s not just because I am an Adult Crisis Counselor… nope. I live in this world of my own ideas where I like to think that some things would be obvious…

And in my world, if an oil rig blew up and started spurting…oh, I don’t know…something like 2 Million Gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, directly off site of protected Brown Pelican rookeries or the birthing grounds of sea turtles or beautiful destinations where thousand upon thousands of fisherman who had cultivated sixty percent of the seafood for our country, not to mention mile after mile after mile of white sand beaches for locals and tourists that whole economies depended on, where at the tail end are coral reefs, irreplaceable to both wildlife and people alike, it would seem to me that some strategies or operating theories would be simply self-evident…

Plug the well of course…and in the meantime…every skimmer both foreign and national would be used to get that oil out of the water. I would want the area studied by every expert imaginable to tell me where best to send those skimmers…and I would talk to experts in cleaning up oil spills, the technology involved and give them the most accurate and recent data those scientists had, to tell me how to best use the resources I had, which would be total – because while I recognize the value of the EPA, some regulations would have to be temporarily waived to save an entire ecosystem…obvious, I know…but I wouldn’t care if European skimmers don’t get every drop of oil from the water so long as they got most of it…and the oil company that blew the well? I’d want them to focus entirely on plugging that well because that is in their own self-interest. As far as the cleanup, the oil company is out because it’s just too sticky an interest conflict, and it would give them far too much opportunity to save their company’s bottom line by misleading people into thinking all is better than it actually is by doing something as criminal as oh,  underestimating flow counts or maybe even…they might even do something like drop hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic dispersal chemicals into the Gulf, making things even worse…Corexit or something stupid like that which drives all the oil under the water so it can’t be cleaned from the surface, course, til it keeps re-emerging for the next fifteen years. Laughable really, this is just common sense…if some drunk guy hits me with his car, I’m not going to let him choose the surgeon to do my operation, nor would I let him personally decide and oversee how my car gets fixed or how much he feels my pain and suffering is worth, not when he’s paying the bills. That would be illogical…so I’d give the cleanup immediately over to the scientists who care nothing about liability or costs or shareholders, because some things are far more important than money…things like oh, I don’t know, like the aforementioned ecosystem of a body of water that touches upon five states in my country.

In my land of crazy, as President, you just tell me what you need and as President, I’ll make sure you have it, period, and you’ll have it yesterday. Sure, politicians in the other party are going to crucify me no matter what I do, but I’d sure as hell not worry about that now…we’re talking about an ecosystem the size of the Gulf of Mexico and millions of Americans who depend on it for their livelihoods, for their sanity, for their life….so there’d be no place here for anything like money, politics, liability, not for me as President…no place for any argument except how to get the oil out of the water and get it out now!

Crazy, right?

Not to me, but what do I know…I’m only a social worker in the Midwest.

For the facts, you’d have to ask the employees of a company owned by a foreign country, and the Coast Guard they control while a President hangs out, ya know…leading; ask them how they might handle it…

I’m sure they’ve got their own ideas.

So, a group of independent scientists out there,77 independent experts in every field who want to help…are begging to help in the Gulf of Mexico, analyze where the oil is going, how fast, how much and deduce how best to combat it, clean it up because they realize what is going on right now, isn’t working…that’s what they want to do…and what do you think the response has been from BP, from the Coast Guard, Obama?

Read on:

Gulf Oil Spill: Scientists Beg for a Chance to Take Basic Measurements

Have a nice day.

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