Of Course It’s Political…

This isn't about me America, and it's certainly not about money, this is about the audacity of...oh, what was, hope, yeah...the audacity of hope.

Imagine a country, a place where an oil spill fouled a major body of water off five states. The ensuing damage threw thousands out of work, threatened an entire ecosystem, a culture, killed thousands of birds, fish, sensitive marshlands. The company promised to do everything to make things whole again. The government stepped in and held that company to task while spearheading the greatest mobilization of resources in history, quickly realizing that to not do so, would be to not only give up on five states but in turn, give up on the country as a whole. Every tragedy was mourned. Every success was met with praise and only emboldened further, more focused response. Information was shared openly, honestly because everyone in charge instantly realized the best minds were needed on this and open communication is the best way for those minds to come together, to think outside of the box to fix this thing.

Yeah, too bad we don’t live in such a place…oh, and by the way, did you know the midterm elections were coming up?

University of New Orleans Poli-Scientist Ed Chervenak says, “This has not been probably the best period of time for the Obama Administration. His numbers are down a bit. People haven’t really have a positive perception of his handling on the issue. So his people would just like to put this behind them and focus more on the Mid-term election.”

Yeah, ya think?

Ever since they capped the Macondo well, we’ve been treated to essentially the same story in the mainstream media, especially those media outlets not located in the Gulf Coast…The oil is gone. The dispersants used were no more harmful than dish-soap. We don’t even need skimmers anymore. British Petroleum executives and government officials sing their new tunes while the media marches in, lockstep, arm in arm…everyone grinning like a 70’s era Coca-Cola commercial.

Yeah, this is money, PR and politics.

But to say that provokes a reaction. After all, didn’t we leave the Bush-era behind? For people to maintain any political underpinnings to the response and clean-up, well that just reeks of cynicism, and we traded all that in on hope, so get with the program.

Course, then there’s this: White House sends 2012 rescue team to Florida.

This rosy scenario that’s being pushed on everyone is false. British Petroleum is trying to improve their PR and save itself some money by scaling back clean-up operations, and Obama? He’s got other political fish to fry. The better that any spill affected politician is able to make the situation appear, the more it will help in the midterm elections. Bobby Jindal’s no saint either…the stupidity of his sand berm plan, and the continued helicopter views with the networks along for the ride is just more of that same 2012 presidential…bad science, money and politics.

The story in the Gulf Coast rages on as the reports keep coming in: fish kills, dying marshlands and oil in the passes, reports of oil under the barrier islands’ sand , even interviews of EPA whistle blowers who tell the truth about Corexit and it’s toxicity.

BP, Barack Obama, Bobby Jindal and too many in the mainstream press would love for this all to be over so they can move on, but no matter their political and financial aspirations…it isn’t.

You heard that, right Florida?

Read the article:

Political concerns regarding the oil spill cleanup

Have a nice day.

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