Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 5

Yes, still...

Okay, will the real Vancouver Canucks please come back. Hello? We who hate the Blackhawks miss you! Remember those first three games, how unstoppable you were… Hey! WTF happened? Are you just trying to assist in building some false sense of security?

Well hell, stop it already!

Chicago wins again, beating Vancouver 5 to nothing, in Vancouver…

I’m trying not to panic, but if Chicago wins game 6, swear to god I’m going to have to call an adult crisis worker, and that means I’m going to have to call myself…and I hate it when that happens…the conversations look so odd and they wreck my crdibility at the office.

Game 6 in Chicago, Sunday night…

Have a nice day…and the Blackhawks?

They still suck.

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