Today would be that day…westward.

By the time any of you read this, I will have left my comfy confines in the Midwest for a far more uncertain future on the West Coast…San Francisco to be exact. Got some money saved, a lot of social work experience, several contacts and possibilities and a 2nd job interview already scheduled for three days after my arrival… Oh, and did I mention the … Continue reading Today would be that day…westward.

Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 7

The Blackhawks lose in overtime… The Blackhawks are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs… An audible click is heard across the country, by everyone as the world suddenly shifts back into balance and all the wrongs of the past year, they are suddenly righted… Now, we can finally get back to the more pressing matters of the day, namely…the ousting of the Detroit Red Wings. … Continue reading Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 7

Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 5

Okay, will the real Vancouver Canucks please come back. Hello? We who hate the Blackhawks miss you! Remember those first three games, how unstoppable you were… Hey! WTF happened? Are you just trying to assist in building some false sense of security? Well hell, stop it already! Chicago wins again, beating Vancouver 5 to nothing, in Vancouver… I’m trying not to panic, but if Chicago wins … Continue reading Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 5

Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 2

So, in the past two Stanley Cup playoffs, the Blackhawks have knocked out the Vancouver Canucks, but it would appear things aren’t working out so well in 2011. After dropping the first game to Vancouver on Wednesday night, last night was game 2…and Chicago lost again. I should mention, I am not a Canucks fan, never have been, never will be, but like with so many sports, especially … Continue reading Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 2