Dispersants Being Blamed for Tar Balls in Lake Pontchartrain

1700 pounds of tar so far in the lake

Kevin Davis, the President of St. Tammany Parish stated today that the dispersants (Corexit), being used in the Gulf of Mexico are to blame for the oil in Lake Pontchartrain. The chemicals bond with the oil, causing it to stay underwater and it is believed this method is how those devious little tar balls are getting past the barges and through the Rigolets waterway.

Mr. Davis called on the officials on the Deepwater Horizon Unified Response Team (BP, Barack and the Coast Guard) to stop using the dispersants so the oil stays on the water’s surface, thus making it possible for skimmers to remove it before it enters Lake Pontchartrain.

Hey, I agree with ya Kevin, but BP already ignored the EPA. The Coast Guard has now been shown to be using dispersants the dispersants themselves and Barack? Well, he’s sending his wife down to the Gulf to take a look…cause he’s kinda busy right now…doing…something?

Read the article…

Some Blame Dispersants for Movement of Tar Balls into Lake Pontchartrain – Times Picayune

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